Brunson Sales and Service

Brunson Brick & Stone is made up of an experienced team of professionals dedicated to its customers. Our sales staff is here to help you select materials that fit your budget, schedule and most importantly, fit the look that you have created for your new home or building.

Budget - Use our Brick Calculator to estimate the total number of bricks you will need for your project. This number will help our sales staff determine the exact cost of the material and allow us to compare this to your budget or brick allowance. Our sales team is experienced with helping you find the right balance between price, availability and look.

Schedule - Certain products take longer to acquire from the manufacturer or quarry, and our experience with over 40 manufacturers over the past 50 years helps us determine realistic, accurate delivery times based on the product you are interested in. Our sales team is experienced with helping you finding the right balance between availability, price and look.

Look - There are thousands of combinations of brick color, texture and size as well as mortar color. Combined with the trim, roof, and other aesthetic considerations on your home or business, decisions can sometimes be difficult to make. Let our experienced staff help you choose the right materials based on how they look as well as how they fit into your budget and building schedule.

Where are we?
Lubbock, TX

Where can we deliver our products?
West Texas and Eastern New Mexico

Which manufacturers do we represent?
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