Natural & Manufacturered Stone

Why Choose Stone?

Brunson offers a wide variety of natural and manufactured stone for interior and exterior accents, outdoor living spaces or for an entire building project. With manufactured stone gaining popularity, man-made stone veneers have become a beautiful, affordable, and most importantly, believable alternative to natural stone. This product offers a wide selection of alternatives for any application. Follow the links below to learn more about all types of stone.

Buying Guide

  • Stone Size - learn about standard sizes of manufacturered stone for use in any application
  • Stone Color - learn about all the naturally occuring colors available in stone
  • Stone Finishes - learn more about the standard finishes of natural stone
  • Stone Manufacturers - learn about the stone manufacturers Brunson uses
  • Estimating Quantity - learn how to estimate the quantity of stone you will need


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about choosing, buying and using stone.

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